Lets Talk About Quality

May 13th, 2011

Quality, the non-inferiority or superiority of something.

If Xpajun Off-Road could be described in one word that word might be quality. Each part we supply is checked to ensure that you, the customer gets the best value for money. Just take a look at our pucks – or spacers – for example  Puck Surface

Of course the first thing that you will notice is that our pucks are finished – that is – we don’t just hack them off with a saw and bang a hole through them…      We don’t take short cuts neither do we sell half finished products, when you buy from Xpajun Off-Road, you buy the best.

Before Xpajun Off-Road prices for modified parts were astronomical, our body lift kits changed all that. We believe in supplying quality parts at a reasonable price.

Xpajun Off-Road checks every part before it is sent out, but before you even see that part in our catalog we have fully researched everything that goes into it. We know exactly how strong it is, how it will react in the environment it is used in and how it will stand up to the rough and hard mucky competitive world of off-roading. In fact our kits are accepted in both Germany and Norway where the TüV regulations on modified vehicles are about the toughest in the world

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