Adding A Sparkle

June 5th, 2011

The other day we were telling you about how Tilly, our 2.8 LWB Pajero, blew a head gasket and how she was leaking oil from the rocker cover gaskets. Well the result of the oil leak was a very dirty engine and engine bay – there was nothing you could touch without getting plastered in oil…

And that’s when we decided she needed an engine clean, we didn’t do it ourselves (which makes a change) we found a valeting service in Torbay to do it for us…

So last Saturday I went and met Steve of Steve’s Vehicle Valeting and left Tilly with him to have her engine cleaned…

By Hand!!!

Two hours later I returned to thisEngine bay 1








Engine bay 2


Engine bay 3






Even without seeing any before shots you can see the improvement!

I spent a while talking to Steve about the cleaners he uses and he demonstrated a few to me – a almost black, brake grime encrusted wheel became a shiny alloy in seconds (almost) under his administrations, he demonstrated the polish he uses on part of the bonnet and the screen cleaner on half the windscreen…

Guess I’ll be going back very soon to have the rest of Tilly valeted!

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