Xpajun Off-Road has been about for a fair while now, the name Xpajun standing for Xtreme Pajero and Shogun, we have the ultimate aim of proving that you don’t need a Land Rover to be good off-road and that your trucks is as good, if not better, than the other well known marques in the competition world.

The name Xpajun is now known the world over for it’s body lift kit, and the range of vehicles that they will fit is growing by the day. But Xpajun Off-Road is a forward looking development company – we know there are other, newer, trucks that our body lift kits won’t fit – those of a monocoque construction – and we are looking at ways to lift these vehicles as well. In addition we have many other ideas in our sight, so if you are off-roading whether playing or competition it would be worth your while bookmarking us or subscribing to our RSS feeds both here and on our store.

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