We’ve Arrived at a Corner Shop Near You!

May 27th, 2011

Just the other day we were teasing our Facebook followers with cryptic one liners similar to the title of this post, it’s taken a bit longer than we hoped, but at last we can say, you can now actually pay for our kits and products, by cash, in one of 20,000 outlets across the UK.

How? It’s simple Xpajun Off-Road have teamed up with paypointwhich means you can now pay for orders from us at your local corner shop – no cards needed, no PayPal either so no having to load up funds and waiting and waiting.

So how does it work? Simple order your kit or bits on our store at, when you reach the payment page select Pay cash at PayPoint, you will then be taken to a page with a bar code on along with the amount you have to pay, print this out and take it with your money to your nearest PayPoint store and pay, your kit or parts will be dispatched after you have paid.

No printer, out of ink, not a problem, just make a careful note of the numbers below the bar code and the amount you have to pay, the PayPoint store operator can then manually enter these into their machine.

Easy huh?  Just think, you can order from our site in the morning, pay for it on the way to work and receive it two days later…


May 2nd, 2011

18 months and not a word, think this must be the most unused blog going – but all that is going to change very soon – well thinking about it it’s changing now – well when I click on publish anyway

So why the revival? We just think it’s time we let the world know what we are doing  and when we do it. Looking at the format of this blog it obvious to us that we intend updating you on everything we do, from on-line stuff to off-road fun as well as introducing you to the quality of our products and teasing you in our workshops

Watch out for more updates from Xpajun Off-Road

The Start

October 10th, 2009

Currently setting this up at the moment, what it looks like now is not what I hope for it to look like in a few weeks time – in fact it should look very much like the Xpajun store.
This is just one of the many things that is happening to Xpajun Off-Road at the moment, I thought it would be a very good idea for this blog so you are able to see inside our world, what we are doing both in the workshop out in the field (or green lane 😉 ) or here on-line.  So the start is on-line with the addition of this blog, some of you may have noticed some slight downtime yesterday while we were doing some alterations to the site layout prior to our move to a dedicated server (which is intended to happen around the beginning of November) more about that nearer the date.
Right this should be enough for an opening blog (I hope 🙂 ) now it’s back to tweaking the layout…